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Are You Looking for CLARITY and RESULTS When It Comes to Your Marketing?

If so… We’re a Specialist Cleaning Business Marketing Agency, and we can help.

Instead of never knowing the ROI on your advertising spend … you will know, to the dollar, the precise results.

Instead of struggling to find clients … you can enjoy a steady stream of new clients who will stay with you for years … resulting in tens of thousands in steady new revenue every month.

Instead of staff who are unable to secure appointments … your staff will become “selling machines” who book 10-20 new appointments every week … bringing you thousands in lifetime client value.

Instead of worrying about cash flow … you can generate an additional $50K in new PROFIT every month.

Instead of staring at empty schedules several times a day … you will have a full schedule of clients and may even need to bring on additional team members to meet demand.

Instead of mostly “routine” work … you can have a steady flow of clients looking for high-value, high-profit services like specialized cleaning procedures.

Instead of having to run your own marketing … you can rely on experienced cleaning business marketing professionals from a marketing firm that bases their fees purely on performance.

Instead of constantly worrying about the financial performance of your business … you can relax, enjoy your business again, plus have more time for family, friends, and favorite activities.

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Tamsin Mulloy
Tamsin Mulloy
Sajo have been brilliant in setting up my yoga website. I have found them easy and professional to work with. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Dazzle Co
Dazzle Co
Originally used the Sajo guys to create a booking website for my ice cream cart hire company. It was brilliant and we decided to hire them for our marketing and advertising soon after for the wider side of our business. no regrets, highly recommend and thoroughly enjoy working with them. super easy.
BMX Life
BMX Life
The SAJO team have gone above and beyond to meet my needs and the benefits of their work might just have saved my business after one of the worst winters on record in our industry. Our visibility and traffic has seen almost immediate improvements and it's still early days. Great communication and reporting. Always available to answer questions and alter the focus of campaigns etc. Highly Recommended.
Wieke Gumilar
Wieke Gumilar
I can't say enough good things about Sajo Digital. Their SEO and PPC services have genuinely made a huge difference for my business. Before working with them, my website's SEO was struggling, and PPC campaigns were not performing well. Sajo Digital turned it all around. I've seen a noticeable increase in organic traffic, and my website's rankings have improved significantly. Their PPC campaigns are impressive. They've managed to bring in more leads and boost conversions, which is a real game-changer. What I appreciate most is their clear and straightforward communication. They took the time to understand my business's unique needs and provided tailored solutions. The team is responsive and easy to work with. They're not just about quick fixes; they genuinely care about the long-term success of your business. With a proven track record, Sajo Digital is a trustworthy partner in the digital advertising world. They've certainly earned my trust. Thank you, Sajo Digital, for making a real difference in my business's online presence.
Dominique Heidel
Dominique Heidel
Have worked with Sajo Digital for a while now and they are just fantastic. They are so easy to talk to. They got my business and everything I was aiming for. The reporting is great and easy to understand. We highly recommend
Minque Stephens
Minque Stephens
Since working with Sajo Digital I have seen a huge increase in my online sales, I can't thank them enough! The team have been patient, informative and so professional throughout the process, I'm so glad that I found Sajo and I'm looking forward to see how they can continue to help me build my business.

Specialised Marketing System Tailored for Australian Cleaning Businesses

We’re The ONLY Marketing Firm for Cleaning Businesses With This System… Pay Us Based on Results… Keep Working With Us ONLY if You’re Totally Delighted…

Right now, people in your local area are searching for a reliable cleaning business… or they’re looking for specific cleaning services… typically through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We’re an online marketing company specialising in cleaning businesses, and we’ve developed a proprietary system to ensure that people searching online choose YOUR online ads.

BUT THERE'S MORE... Much More...

Getting a click to your website is just one part of the strategy. Our system…

  • Keeps potential clients on your cleaning business website.
  • Motivates them to contact you.
  • Includes a dashboard so you can see key performance metrics instantly.
  • Trains your support staff to turn the inquiries into appointments.
  • Helps you “upsell” new potential clients to high-profit cleaning services.
  • Gives you a powerful CRM system so you can keep track of every client and maximize lifetime value.

We based our system on total accountability and total transparency. You will know...

  • How much you’re spending… to the dollar Precise results
  • Exact return on your advertising investment
  • What’s working… and what’s not

So… for perhaps the very first time… you’ll get regular new clients… and you’ll know exactly whether your advertising is working, plus your precise ROI.

Our Clients are PROOF that our system works

Result: Boosted website conversions by 15% for Alternative Therapy business

We approached Sajo with a pressing challenge – we were struggling to gain online visibility and convert website visitors into customers. Our website was outdated and not optimised for search engines. The primary objectives were to increase our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and boost website conversions.

By combining website redesign, SEO, and PPC, Sajo successfully transformed our online presence. The increased ROAS and enhanced website conversions validated the effectiveness of their strategies. Tapping and Truthing is now better positioned to connect with a wider audience and fulfill its mission of promoting holistic wellness.
Cymone Hughes
Founder Tapping & truthing

Result: Full conversion focused rebuilt of landing pages. Successful ongoing SEO & PPC management for Botanical Ecommerce business.

Sajo embraced Butterfly Botanicals’ vision and embarked on a journey to address our website and traffic issues. How quickly things turned around

Our partnership with Sajo exemplifies the power of collaboration, quality, and exceptional service. They have played a pivotal role in Butterfly Botanicals’ journey, ensuring that we’ve been able to take the top spots for our targeted keywords, delivering outstanding results in inbound traffic. 

As we continue, we look forward to further enhancing our success and encouraging everyone seeking Google ads, SEO and web development to explore the incredible work of Sajo.
Minque Airlea
CEO Butterfly Botanicals

Not your average digital marketing agency.

We are a dedicated team comprising of Web Developers, PPC Specialists, SEO Specialists, Data Analysts, Growth & Conversion Specialists and Client Service Managers who collaborate with rapidly expanding 6-Figure ecommerce and service based businesses to expedite their growth.

We don’t categorise ourselves as merely an SEO and PPC Agency focused solely on enhancing website and traffic performance. Instead, we consider ourselves a boutique Agency that plays a pivotal role in propelling the growth of the fastest-growing small businesses in Australia and abroad. We function as a strategic partners, driving your growth.

Our aim is not to expand our client base indiscriminately. We are committed to maintaining our boutique approach. We have set a limit of serving only 30 clients at a time, and currently, we are working with 25 clients. 

Allow us to assist you in establishing a robust online footprint and achieving sustained outcomes for your business. As a Melbourne-based boutique digital marketing agency specialising in search engine optimisation, Google ads, and web design and development, we’re dedicated to your success.

Are You Looking for CLARITY and RESULTS When It Comes to Your Marketing?

When you work with Sajo Digital you get a full-service marketing team for the cost of a junior in-house marketer. We are detailed and thorough, ensuring that we are intimately familiar with your brand so that the work we carry out is optimised and effective for your goals. As your partners in the digital marketing space, we communicate openly and transparently, and genuinely care about the success of your business. We take the time to sit down and discuss your business and marketing goals – want to find out if we’re a good fit for each other?

Who we are & who we aren't.

The Do's
  • Highlight best practice
  • Take initiative and think outside the box
  • Research and review regularly
  • Share realistic experiences and results
  • Trial new features and functions
  • Treat each other and clients with respect and consideration
  • Think long term and about sustainable growth
  • Focus on tangible results – not vanity metrics
The Don'ts
  • Jump on kitchy trends
  • Carry out work on the fly or take shortcuts
  • Leave you wondering where your investment is going

Ecommerce and Service-Based Business Growth Assessment

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