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At Sajo, we’re not your typical marketing agency. We bring a fresh and innovative approach to the table, along with a commitment to honest and upfront communication. We’re not just another service provider; we’re your reliable partners in success.

Picture us as an extension of your team, always there when you need us. When you choose Sajo, you’re getting a full-service marketing team for less than the cost of an in-house junior marketer. Say goodbye to burnout and high staff turnover, and say hello to long-term reliability.

What sets us apart is our attention to detail and our thorough understanding of your brand and business. We dive deep to ensure that the work we do is not just good but optimised and effective, aligned with your goals.

To us, you’re not just ‘another client.’ You’re a business on a mission to make a positive impact on the world, and we’re here to help you achieve that mission. When you partner with Sajo, you’re not alone; you have dedicated allies in your journey towards success.

Work with a Google Partner

Google Ads Management Agency Melbourne

We’re a certified Google Ads partner and experts in creating and managing search ads, retargeting, shopping ads, display ads, and YouTube advertising.


Your investment provides a comprehensive solution for achieving search engine success in Australia. We offer a wide range of services to ensure your Google Ads campaign thrives:

  • Strategic Campaign Planning: We’ll craft a tailored strategy and set clear objectives for your campaign.
  • Account Setup and Optimisation: Whether you’re starting fresh or improving an existing account, we’ll ensure it’s optimised for success.
  • Effective Keyword Research: We’ll identify cost-efficient keywords to target, maximising your ad spend.
  • Compelling Ad Creation: Our expert copywriters will create engaging ads to captivate your audience.
  • Ad Extensions and Promotions: We’ll manage ad extensions and promotions to boost your ad’s visibility.
  • Landing Page Enhancement: Get recommendations to improve your landing pages for better conversions.
  • Budget Management: We’ll allocate your budget wisely and manage bids effectively.
  • Conversion Tracking: Monitor and optimise for conversions to maximise your ROI.
  • Regular Account Check-ins: We conduct frequent account reviews and optimisations to keep your campaign on track.
  • Audience Targeting: We’ll implement precise audience targeting and segmentation for better results.
  • Brand and Asset Setup: Ensure your brand is well-represented across the PerformanceMax platform.
  • Monthly Performance Reports: Receive detailed performance reports and analytics to track progress.
  • Ongoing Communication: Enjoy unlimited email communication and a monthly meeting to discuss your campaign’s progress and address any questions or concerns.
With our comprehensive services, your Australian Google Ads campaign is set for success!

Ecommerce & service-based businesses are scaling past multiple 6-figures a year because they're leveraging SEO & PPC.

Result: Boosted website conversions by 15% for Alternative Therapy business

We approached Sajo with a pressing challenge – we were struggling to gain online visibility and convert website visitors into customers. Our website was outdated and not optimised for search engines. The primary objectives were to increase our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and boost website conversions.

By combining website redesign, SEO, and PPC, Sajo successfully transformed our online presence. The increased ROAS and enhanced website conversions validated the effectiveness of their strategies. Tapping and Truthing is now better positioned to connect with a wider audience and fulfill its mission of promoting holistic wellness.
Cymone Hughes
Founder Tapping & truthing

Result: Full conversion focused rebuilt of landing pages. Successful ongoing SEO & PPC management for Botanical Ecommerce business.

Sajo embraced Butterfly Botanicals’ vision and embarked on a journey to address our website and traffic issues. How quickly things turned around

Our partnership with Sajo exemplifies the power of collaboration, quality, and exceptional service. They have played a pivotal role in Butterfly Botanicals’ journey, ensuring that we’ve been able to take the top spots for our targeted keywords, delivering outstanding results in inbound traffic. 

As we continue, we look forward to further enhancing our success and encouraging everyone seeking Google ads, SEO and web development to explore the incredible work of Sajo.
Minque Airlea
CEO Butterfly Botanicals

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Tamsin Mulloy
Tamsin Mulloy
Sajo have been brilliant in setting up my yoga website. I have found them easy and professional to work with. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Dazzle Co
Dazzle Co
Originally used the Sajo guys to create a booking website for my ice cream cart hire company. It was brilliant and we decided to hire them for our marketing and advertising soon after for the wider side of our business. no regrets, highly recommend and thoroughly enjoy working with them. super easy.
BMX Life
BMX Life
The SAJO team have gone above and beyond to meet my needs and the benefits of their work might just have saved my business after one of the worst winters on record in our industry. Our visibility and traffic has seen almost immediate improvements and it's still early days. Great communication and reporting. Always available to answer questions and alter the focus of campaigns etc. Highly Recommended.
Wieke Gumilar
Wieke Gumilar
I can't say enough good things about Sajo Digital. Their SEO and PPC services have genuinely made a huge difference for my business. Before working with them, my website's SEO was struggling, and PPC campaigns were not performing well. Sajo Digital turned it all around. I've seen a noticeable increase in organic traffic, and my website's rankings have improved significantly. Their PPC campaigns are impressive. They've managed to bring in more leads and boost conversions, which is a real game-changer. What I appreciate most is their clear and straightforward communication. They took the time to understand my business's unique needs and provided tailored solutions. The team is responsive and easy to work with. They're not just about quick fixes; they genuinely care about the long-term success of your business. With a proven track record, Sajo Digital is a trustworthy partner in the digital advertising world. They've certainly earned my trust. Thank you, Sajo Digital, for making a real difference in my business's online presence.
Dominique Heidel
Dominique Heidel
Have worked with Sajo Digital for a while now and they are just fantastic. They are so easy to talk to. They got my business and everything I was aiming for. The reporting is great and easy to understand. We highly recommend
Minque Stephens
Minque Stephens
Since working with Sajo Digital I have seen a huge increase in my online sales, I can't thank them enough! The team have been patient, informative and so professional throughout the process, I'm so glad that I found Sajo and I'm looking forward to see how they can continue to help me build my business.
The What

What does Google Ads Management Involve?

As a Melbourne Google Ads agency, we know how to achieve the best results in Google. There’s more to it than a quick tip to implement. Our approach is about long-term, sustainable growth.

Google is still a leading platform in the customer journey, as they research and seek out products and services. There’s also more and more competition online.

While SEO focusses on improving your organic website rankings in search results, Google Ads managed by a Melbourne-based Google Ads agency is all about paying to shortcut the results and get into the top spots across your most important search terms.

Flexible budget control, allowing small businesses to set their own ad budget and adjust it as needed.

Detailed performance metrics and analytics, making it easier to review effectiveness and make data-driven decisions.

Various ad formats provide flexible options on how to engage with your target audience effectively.

The Why

Why partner with us for your Google ads campaign?

We’re a Melbourne based Google Ads partner, which means our Ads specialists are seasoned in managing Google Ads campaigns.

You want to be able to confidently invest in your paid ads, knowing that they’re working effectively for you. We provide that peace of mind.

From campaign kick-off through to monthly reporting, we educate and guide you throughout your Google Ads management journey. Remaining highly transparent and working hard to support the success of your ads all-round.

If you aren’t seeing the sales your business requires or deserves, or customers don’t seem to be finding your website, it’s time to ramp up your marketing efforts and get your business in front of the right people.

Increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience

Generate quality leads

Boost website traffic

Improve the efficiency of your ad spend

Our Process

Google ads management agency Melbourne.

When you partner with us for your PPC advertising services , we provide detailed analytics, allowing us to track the performance of your ads and make data-driven decisions about the course of your campaigns.

We offer comprehensive reports on metrics such as engagement, ROAS, and conversions, which reflect how well your ads are resonating with your target audience and whether they are meeting your marketing goals. 

  • Over 90% of online searches happen through Google. We ensure your business is found by searchers.
  • Google Ads display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users. We make sure your business is being seen beyond Google.
  • On average, 41% of clicks in Google Ads go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page. We get you showing in the most clicked spots.
We're Sajo

Expert PPC advertising services for small businesses.

Experience matters. Our specialisation lies in driving growth for small businesses across service-based and ecommerce sectors.

As a Google Partner, you’ve found the ideal destination for overseeing your Google Ads Account. Our team consists of certified experts who ensure precision and results-driven management of your Google Ads campaigns. This includes proficiency across Search, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads, and remarketing strategies.

With Google Ads, you only pay for tangible outcomes – whether it’s clicks to your website or conversions achieved. This makes Google advertising an exceptionally efficient investment for small businesses seeking maximum value for their budget. On average, Google Ads campaigns yield double the return on ad spend. At Sajo Digital, our track record goes even further, with an average 4x Return on Ad Spend achieved in 2023.

If you’re in search of a certified agency for Google Ads management in Melbourne, your quest ends here. We become your strategic partner, guiding you through the potential of Google Ads in a clear and straightforward manner. No convoluted jargon or complex explanations – we simplify PPC advertising.

With our seasoned Google Ads management, your business surfaces where your target audience spends their online time. Whether it’s through Google searches, YouTube, or the expansive Google Partner Network of apps and websites. Our experienced professionals not only establish your campaigns but continuously fine-tune and optimise them. This approach minimises costs while maximising results.

We’ve collaborated with clients across Melbourne, nationally, and internationally, helping them achieve remarkable visibility within their niches. Our services encompass the full spectrum, from crafting compelling ad copy and creative content to campaign setup, ongoing optimisation, budget management, and thorough analytics. We meticulously measure all campaigns and provide actionable insights to enhance performance throughout the customer journey, ensuring every investment counts.

Contact us today to discuss your business goals and discover how Sajo can assist you in reaching your ideal audience, boosting conversions, generating leads, and significantly enhancing your PPC advertising results.

Do you have questions?

Cause we've got answers

Google Ads offer businesses the opportunity to present their advertisements directly to tailored target audiences, in exchange for payment. When you initiate a Google Ad campaign, you have the autonomy to define your target audience, allocate your budget, and craft your ad content. Subsequently, your ad or set of ads are displayed to users who align with your specified audience criteria and are actively seeking or engaging with similar products or services.

These Google Ads prominently feature at the pinnacle of Google search results pages when individuals conduct searches using specific keywords or phrases. They are typically labeled as “Sponsored” or “Ad” to differentiate them from organic search results. Google Ads operate on a Pay Per Click (PPC) model, wherein brands compete, often through auctions, for particular keywords to secure prime positions in specific Google searches. Importantly, businesses only incur costs when a user clicks on their advertisement. This approach stands as one of the most potent methods for enhancing your business’s visibility and connecting with users actively in pursuit of relevant products or services.

Google witnesses a staggering 2.3 million searches taking place every second, totaling nearly 5 billion daily search queries. Google Ads offer businesses a unique opportunity to connect with consumers precisely when they are actively seeking their product or service. These ads serve as an effective, short-term marketing strategy that complements SEO efforts, positioning your website prominently within the top results for carefully chosen search terms.

Google Ads provide the capability to showcase your products in the Google Shopping section, facilitating streamlined sales and significantly expanding the visibility of your offerings. Additionally, they empower you to deploy Display Ads across a network of Google Partner websites, thereby fostering brand recognition and re-engaging users who have previously explored your website. This multifaceted approach to advertising maximizes your reach and engagement with potential customers.

Google’s data indicates that for every $1 invested in Google Ads, advertisers yield an impressive return of $8. This highlights the incredible potential of Google Ads to deliver substantial returns on investment.

One of the unique advantages of Google Ads is the ability for businesses to reach an expansive audience while staying within their designated budget. This is achieved by the flexibility to pause advertising during slower periods and make real-time adjustments to bids, ensuring optimal allocation of resources.

To harness the full potential of Google Ads, a meticulous setup and ongoing optimisation are imperative. Achieving a favorable return on investment requires the collection of data and the refinement of campaigns over time. Google Ads is not a magic switch for instant success; instead, it’s a strategic marketing approach that matures into a highly profitable tool as it evolves and adapts to the changing landscape of online advertising.


Google Ads management starts from $800 per month, and this includes a strategic Search campaign. We then create a tailored package to suit your needs if multiple campaigns or ad types are required, or if you have a selection of product categories or service regions.

The cost of your Google Ads media spend will depend on your advertising budget, the competitiveness of your industry, keywords and location. We always provide a recommended minimum spend following our research for your proposal which we believe is suited to achieving your goals. Historically though we find that any less than $500 per month is too little to achieve positive results in the short term.

We can manage all Google Ad types; Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing, ensuring that the most suitable ad type is used for your business, offering and goals.

With each ad option delivering ads in different ways, it can be worth investing in multiple ad types at the same time to increase online search presence and help nurture your audience. We can guide you on the most suitable ad types for your business and budget.

We focus on metrics that matter.

As a Melbourne-based Google ads agency like no other, we truly care about the results achieved for your small business. We monitor and optimise key metrics such as:

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per Result (CPR)

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Drive more leads or purchases for less.

By optimising your Google Ads account continually, we remove low-performing keywords to reduce wasted clicks, focus on lucrative search terms with high conversion and ensure you see more leads or sales with the most efficient campaign possible.

Increase your return on ad spend.

By reviewing your services or products, we can determine which are most likely to drive the best return on investment and ensure a strong campaign. It’s sometimes not what you expect!

Implement our holistic approach.

We’re not just a Google Ads agency, we look at the big picture with your marketing and continually provide recommendations and optimisations to help improve your overall strategy and effectiveness. Explore our Search Savvy package for more!

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